Our clients share a common thread – the understanding that employee focus is a key component to the success of their business. We serve as trusted, experienced partners to our clients, helping them to keep pace with business growth.

And while we’re happy to discuss our capabilities, we think our
clients say it best.

What our clients are saying…

"By retaining Human Resource Partners, we moved the needle on an otherwise challenging internal project. Her thorough assessment process and detailed report were professional and well executed. Even when things became challenging, she took the necessary and appropriate actions to address problems and initialize appropriate next steps. All while keeping our project well organized and on time. We highly recommend Pubali and Human Resource Partners.”
"The effect of their onsite hands-on approach allowed them to gain an understanding of both how we run our business and the important people we have in place to run it, as well as meaningful advice on how to operate more efficiently. I recommend HRP without hesitation for organizations interested in becoming an employer of choice and taking their business to the next level.”

“Pubali, I just want step aside from this great flow of connection-making to say how much we appreciate this. Your report and the discussion you led us through yesterday was fantastic, but the huge effort you’ve made in the twenty hours since is above and beyond and we’re grateful. I know it’s all part of gettin-it-done and that’s what OUR success (Manypenny Murphy + HRP) will be made of, but we feel the need to pause and say thanks once in a while.”

Brian & Alyssa Murphy

“Our experience with HR Partners has been amazing!  As a growing, family run business, we reached a time where it became clear that we needed to build and establish a more formal HR presence.  Based on a referral, we reached out to HR Partners and were immediately drawn to the company’s professionalism and experience.  From the start of the partnership, it was evident that our business had many projects to tackle and they were there for us each step of the way.  Topics ranging from corporate culture, benefits, and policies led to the rewriting of the company handbook, which today still drives the business from an employee standpoint.  We also utilized some very impactful training sessions that focused on How to Run an Effective Meetings, Motivation and Communication Strategies all of which are still in practice today from all levels of the organization.

Sally’s expertise and professionalism, Delise’s leadership and Pubali’s phenomenal trainings give HR Partners and their clients the resources necessary to handle any HR project.  They provided us with all the necessary tools needed to continue the growth of our business and for that we can’t thank them enough. ”

Jason Bergeron
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

“Thank you HR Partners! As I embarked on our Affirmative Action Plan I quickly knew I needed help. Delise was responsive and helpful. Sally’s expertise and straightforward approach made for quick progress. I would definitely recommend HR Partners for that or any other project.”

Sonya L. Merritt
Vice President Human Resources
Optima Bank & Trust

“The receipt of government loans necessitated the preparation of a construction Affirmative Action Plan for our organization. For anyone who has been involved in the preparation of such plans, the initial preparation is time-consuming and cumbersome. It is not only important to know the regulations, it is equally as important to be able to interpret them and be prepared for what an auditor of the plan may be seeking. Knowing this, I reached out to HR Partners. I was extremely impressed with the level of up to date knowledge which our consultant, Sally Allen, possessed in this area. Her methodical approach and her expertise on the subject made this process painless. Additionally, the cost was quite reasonable. I would strongly recommend the use of their Affirmative Action Plan services.”

Mary V. DeRoche
Director, Human Resources
Pennichuck Corporation

“Our organization is transforming from a small, referral based, local business to a growing, nationally recognized leader in our industry. We’re experiencing changes in our culture, processes, and the roles and responsibilities of our entire team. Angela’s consistently wise, patient, and clear advice has guided us through some very difficult circumstances, supported us during our most exciting developments, and provided the vision our leadership needed when the path ahead was shrouded in confusion. Angela does all of this with the professionalism, courtesy, and strength of character that are difficult to find among the most loyal of employees. To say Angela has been a true partner in the growth our business is undervaluing her contribution. She is awesome! Thank you, again, for allowing her to work with us!”

Jon Anderson
Director of Business Development
easyBackgrounds, Inc.

“Our experience with Human Resource Partners has been a complete success. As a small company, it’s sometimes hard to cover all the bases, particularly regarding the complexities and legal necessities surrounding the HR space. One of the biggest advantages we find is that you aren’t just getting a person (although our rep has been outstanding), you gain access to all of the expertise that Human Resource Partners has to offer. And as our needs have scaled, they’ve scaled right along with us. Some of our projects include:

Offloading some of our basic HR Processes from one of Sincera’s partners to Human Resource Partners. They’ve taken on much of the onboarding processing, ensuring that essential documentation is completed quickly and correctly. They’ve also taken general benefits administration and with it the role of answering benefits questions from our employees. Human Resource Partners did an exemplary job of tracking down the sometimes-hard-to-find answers.

Human Resource Partners was of great assistance during a state audit of our unemployment insurance payments. Our company has employees in a number of states and they were able to help clarify some incorrect documentation that had led the state to believe that we had additional employees under thier jurisdiction and that we owed more than we did. They saved us considerable grief.

I believe any small company would be hard-pressed to find a better value or a broader skill set for their money.”

Thomas J. Wanek

“Chinburg Builders, Inc. (CBI) currently employees over 45 people. It became increasingly clear that CBI had grown to a size where it needed to develop better human resources systems and materials. These included: an employee manual, formal job descriptions and a performance evaluation system. Delise West from Human Resource Partners came to our rescue! She rapidly gained an understanding of our business and its particular culture, by asking all of the right questions. Delise developed materials that were unique and specifically tailored to our organization. We are confident that with Human Resource Partners’ help we are building a stronger business. Human Resource Partners exceeded our expectations and we look forward to a continued relationship as we reach new milestones in Chinburg Builders’ growth.”

Jennifer Chinburg
Marketing Director
Chinburg Builders, Inc.

“Our organization has been engaged with HR Partners since 2012. We believe in outsourcing certain aspects of our operations where partners can provide broad resources to perform functions better. HR Partners has done just that. The experience of having a fully staffed Human Resources ‘department’ without the additional internal staffing is invaluable. HR Partners has done an excellent job assisting us with everything from compliance to daily staff inquiries and everything in between. For a mid-sized company we could not staff an HR Department to the level of service that we receive from HR Partners.”

Matthew P. Masiello
President & Chief Operating Officer
SAN Group

“Delise takes on the nearly impossible task of managing human resource issues while companies are forming, storming and norming. Her extensive background in personnel hiring, management and compliance comes into play as she supports entrepreneurs in rapidly growing enterprises. Smart entrepreneurs realize the need for HR talent early on; ones that are both smart and fortunate work with Delise.”

Hollis McGuire
Nashua/Manchester Area Regional Director
Small Business Development Center

“I want to tell you how much we have enjoyed working with Human Resource Partners over the last two years. The responsiveness and flexibility that your firm has demonstrated has been refreshing and extremely helpful to us. We were able to conduct our Employee Engagement Survey very efficiently. The quick turnaround as well as the quality of the reporting enhanced our ability to get information out to our managers and staff. We have been able to use the results from the Surveys to set goals and action plans. Finally, the process of completing the Survey was easy and positive for our employees. Thanks for your help and I look forward to our continuing partnership.”

Jeffrey T. Corrigan
Vice President Human Resources
Brattleboro Retreat

“Prior to being introduced to Human Resource Partners (HRP), we had been working with an HR firm that was not meeting our expectations. Tonya Rochette of HRP stepped in and delivered everything we needed. From strategic level HR support to recruiting, her knowledge and rapid response to our needs made it truly feel as though she was our in-house HR department. The initial engagement centered around compliance and performance management. That was over two years ago and our relationship and use of HRP’s skills and experience have expanded along with our organization. Tonya has had a weekly onsite presence for some time now. Due to her knowledge and experience she has earned the trust and respect of employees and our management team. HRP is a true “partner” and has provided support and knowledge as we’ve expanded our business outside of Massachussetts into other states.”

Rene Jaillet
Director of Finance
1A Auto, Inc.

“AgaMatrix is a rapidly growing medical device company based in Salem, NH. When I took over the human resource responsibilities at AgaMatrix our HR function was understaffed for what we needed to support the growth of our business. Delise West and the team at Human Resource Partners stepped right in and were instrumental in working with our managers to develop a new organizational structure, a recruiting strategy and training programs. In just 9 months, we more than doubled in size to 130 employees, provided training programs, and hired our own human resource manager. Human Resource Partners provided outstanding work and trusted guidance along the way. Even though our growing has slowed as of late, Human Resource Partners still provides support to our team to supplement our recruiting efforts. I would highly recommend Delise West and Human Resource Partners because of their in depth knowledge of employment matters and their ability to meet the needs of growing organizations.”

George Doherty
Chief Financial Officer
AgaMatrix, Inc.

“I have worked with Delise West/Human Resource Partners for the past six months. During this time our Company required the hiring of additional key position personnel. Delise was instrumental in defining the qualities, attributes and experience level necessary for these positions. She was a tremendous asset in helping our company achieve its hiring goal. Additionally, she went a step further in providing written guidelines for the Employee Handbook. She so impressed me with her knowledge and dedication that I appointed her to our Company Board of Advisors. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Delise/Human Resource Partners to anyone who is in need of such service.”

Richard Santoro
RF Hunter Co., Inc.

“We appreciated Tonya’s no nonsense approach to our project. After her involvement we feel better prepared to face the challenges we know are before us; she did a very thorough job of assessing our present situation, and had several concrete suggestions for how to improve in both the short and long term. Among other things, our organization will be better positioned to hire appropriately and retain talent if we follow through with her advice.”

Amanda Grappone
Chief Operating Officer
Grappone Automotive Group

“As a new startup company based in New Hampshire, the advice and guidance offered by Delise West as our outsourced HR department has been an invaluable resource to our initial recruiting efforts, compliance with employment regulations and our ability to establish a competitive benefits plan.”

Ian Howell
Chief Executive Officer
Newforma Inc.

“We hired Delise West of Human Resource Partners to help us create and conduct an employee survey for our business. She was able to gain the trust and cooperation of our employees very quickly. She was professional, efficient and fun to work with. The survey, created with feedback from each of our staff members, became the springboard for a winter’s worth of improvements that have helped in running our business greatly.

Delise also gave us help in the areas of employee benefits, a program for giving raises, employee recognition and conflict resolution. She is always easy to reach and willing to help immediately if needed. It is a comfort to know that Delise can give us assistance on a large scale, as outlined above, but also through short phone conferences for personnel issues that we need advise with.

I recommend Delise West very highly for any human resource needs. She has helped our business immensely and is a pleasure to work with.”

Leslie and Peter van Berkum
Van Berkum Nursery

“Molly and Pubali are an incredible team! We contracted for strategic planning and team building. Professional, knowledgeable, challenging, and the right blend of fun/serious for our team. Highly recommend Human Resource Partners for your strategic planning.”

Betsey Andrews Parker
Chief Executive Officer
Community Action Partners

“As a successful professional services company, we recognize that for busy executives, retaining reputable, objective, and experienced outside consultants is an effective way to realize strategic goals and to identify areas requiring attention.

By retaining Pubali Chakravorty-Campbell of Human Resource Partners, we moved the needle on an otherwise challenging internal project. Her thorough assessment process and detailed report were professional and well executed. Even when things became challenging, she took the necessary and appropriate actions to address problems and initialize appropriate next steps. All while keeping our project well organized and on time. We highly recommend Pubali and Human Resource Partners.”

Scott Emering
Retirement Solution Groups

“Keeping up with the changes in healthcare is a full-time job. We realized that in order to streamline our administrative process to be more efficient and be able to keep up with the changes while preserving our corporate culture, we would need objective support from a team of experts. We solicited our accounting firm for advice who referred us to Human Resource Partners (HRP)

As we felt that we needed help both in organizational development as well as assistance with Human Resources, we utilized HRP’s dual team approach with their HR consultant working directly with our in-house HR Manager plus HRP’s organizational strategy consultant to look at our business as a whole. The insights and talent they have brought to the table have made meaningful changes to our corporate ethos as well as our ability to respond efficiently to our changing practice needs.

The effect of their onsite hands-on approach allowed them to gain an understanding of both how we run our business and the important people we have in place to run it, as well as meaningful advice on how to operate more efficiently.

I recommend HRP without hesitation for organizations interested in becoming an employer of choice and taking their business to the next level.”

Warren S. Goldblatt
M.D, and Managing Partner 
Eyesight Ophthalmic Services