How does your business measure up?

In plain terms, an Employer of Choice is a business established to be great place to work. People desire to work for you and choose to stay with you. As your partner, it is our mission to help you achieve this distinction. 

Take the Employer of Choice Survey below to see how your company measures up in 8 common EOC categories:

  • Compensations & Benefits
  • Career Advancement
  • Employee Wellness
  • Company Culture
  • Management/Employee Relations
  • Training & Development
  • Environment & Facilities
  • Social Impact

Employer of Choice Best Practices Survey

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Offers competitive wage/salary for your industry

Offers comprehensive health care benefits

Has a defined and visible set of core values and ethical expectations

Reinforces core values in communications and performance reviews

Provides employees with clearly defined job descriptions

Recognizes employees for individual and team contribution

Provides thorough new employee orientation

Provides ongoing and relevant training

Financially supports continuing education

Offers career planning and mentoring or coaching programs

Provides a pleasant physical working environment

Provides a safe and healthy work environment

Promotes wellness programs for healthy lifestyles

Supports a realistic work/life balance

Adheres to best environmental practices

Has consideration for social responsibility and participates in the community 

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