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Our HR outsourcing services removes questions and doubts about HR compliance and improves employee productivity for small/medium-sized business through our customized outsourcing model. Our experienced consultants support our clients in NH, northern MA and southern ME.

Focus on your business’ growth. According to the Small Business Administration, business owners spend nearly 40% of their time performing “non-productive” duties. Outsourcing business functions in areas where you do not have expertise makes good business sense, especially when it comes to addressing the needs of those who hold the key to your business’ success—your employees. We work strategically with your senior team to develop, design, and deliver effective programs tailored to meet the distinct needs of each client organization.

Employee Performance & Retention

Effectively managing employee performance means having a goal of increased employee productivity and engagement then developing processes and programs to support this goal. Depending on your business’ specific needs, this may include some of the following actions:

  • Performance review process – The standard annual performance review is outdated because of A myopic look at performance that occurred in the past. The need to discuss an employee’s performance is critical. Through our interactive process, we will help identify creative solutions to address this need while developing a process that is more impactful.
  • Employee recognition programs – The goal of a recognition program is to increase employee engagement and increase productivity. Whether it be recognition by a supervisor or a peer, we create meaningful programs that represent your unique workplace.
  • Employee satisfaction survey – Have you ever wondered why your employees like working for your company? If you haven’t you should. Asking your employees for their perspective on your workplace is a powerful way to increase their level of engagement and subsequently their level of productivity.
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HR Compliance

When talking with clients about HR compliance as an employer, we often hear “I don’t know what I don’t know.” Navigating the ever-changing landscape of federal and state employment-related requirements is a time consuming and challenging area for businesses with no internal human resources expertise. As your outsourced HR department, it is our job to guide you through this and help you remain compliant in order to mitigate risk, thereby giving you peace of mind.

  • HR Compliance Review – We review all of your HR-related practices, from the hiring process all the way to an employee’s exit. Once the review is complete we develop a comprehensive report identifying areas of risk and providing you solutions to bring your business into compliance.
  • Employee Handbook – Communicating expectations to your employees goes beyond just the legal requirements. The Employee Handbook sets the tone for your staff and it is essential that this communication is consistent with your workplace culture. How you communicate your expectations is just as important as what you communicate.
  • Workplace Safety – Believe it or not, safety compliance is not just for the manufacturing industry. There are both federal and state-specific requirements for all employers with which we can provide support.
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Employee Relations

Employee relations in the workplace can sometimes be challenging and disruptive ...wonder why can’t they just get along and get back to work? While it’s human nature to avoid conflict, we support our clients by addressing these situations directly. Our focus when working with your staff is always on how we get people back to work and being productive.

  • Employee mediation – We facilitate discussion to ensure each parties concerns are voiced with the goal of finding common ground.
  • Supervisor coaching – We work behind the scenes advising a supervisor on how best to address employee issues.
  • Employee performance improvement plans – Working closely with the supervisor, we help draft a plan to get the employee focused on moving forward productively while holding them accountable to clearly communicated expectations.
  • Workplace investigations – Workplace investigations are sensitive matters. We provide an objective and confidential approach. If desired we can work directly with your legal counsel.
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Workplace Safety

Safe workplace = maximum employee productivity. Employers want their staff to work at maximum effectiveness and productivity levels however, unless the workplace is free from hazards and there is a safety culture, this goal cannot be achieved. Making workplace health and wellness programs a part of an overall company strategy is a smart business decision.

We work with our clients to offload some of the burden of safety compliance while focusing on best practices in workplace safety. We achieve this through the following programs:

  • Accident prevent and safety promotion
  • Safety compliance
  • OSHA record keeping
  • State-specific record keeping
  • Workplace hazards (Job Safety Analysis)
  • Accident and emergency response
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Safe practices
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Chemical and hazardous materials safety
  • Employee involvement
  • Training and awareness
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Mergers & Acquisitions

Most companies are so focused on the financials that a key element of these transactions is often overlooked – the people. Many mergers and acquisitions are not as successful as hoped because no one is focusing on the people. How does their culture align with ours? What potential personality challenges do we need to address? From cultural fit and employee integration to compliance we help facilitate a successful transaction.

  • Pre-Deal – Defining both your culture and your best cultural “match.”
  • Due Diligence – Assess cultural compatibility of target company; evaluate HR practices to minimize surprises; objectively interview key employees to understand expectations and goals.
  • Integration Planning – Change management is essential throughout the acquisition process to aid in retaining key employees and developing tailored communication strategies.
  • Acquisition positioning – Seeking to be acquired? Mitigating surprises for the acquirer aids in selling your business and potentially increases valuation. Having business departments, including HR, in turnkey condition can facilitate a more seamless due diligence process and ultimately a sale.
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Guide & Handbook Development

Communicating process, procedures, and expectations to your employees goes beyond just the legal requirements. Guides and handbooks set the tone for your staff and are an essential part of workplace culture. How you communicate your expectations is just as important as what you communicate.

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Dover, NH

2 Washington Street
Picker Building, Suite 207
Dover, NH 03820

Get direcections to our Concord, NH office

Concord, NH

4 Bicentennial Square
3rd floor, Suite 1
Concord, NH 03301